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Beaumont Golf at Wildwood Golf Course

Saturday, July ,  2015
Hole #1     Hole #10    
7:30am Russ Wilson Ken Barland 7:30am Russell LeBlanc Kent Girouard
  Felix Smith Jerry Hanks   Larry Stone Sr. Dennis Walsh
7:38am Pat O'Connor Frank Moore 7:38am Chris Nelson Clay West
  John Shirley John Davis   Neil Hennigan Zane Hoffpauer
7:46am Arnold Hatton Jim Fitzgerald 7:46am Ben Sherrod John Page
  Scott Clements Robert Nugent   Matt Perkins Joey Fulton
7:54am J.K. Miller Craig Colbert 7:54am Sean Strowther Dustin Hansen
  Daniel Tompkins Dwayne Morvant   Jason Pullen Ryan Verde
8:02am Joe Guynes Wayne Bauman 8:02am Kendall Wright Jacob Terrell
  Joshua Millican Matt Cormier   Kevin Johnson Andy White
8:10am Tim Blount Paige Blount 8:10am Gary Hurley Wayne Judalet
  Thaine Tillie John 'Butch' Tillie   Jarrod Brown Stewart Brown
8:18am Blaine Girouard David Girouard 8:18am T.J. Lingle Braeden Riley
  Wallace Woods Ricky Brunner   Charles Heider Chris Rieve
8:26am Bryan Lohr Marc Henslee 8:26am Buddy Landry Ken Simmons
  Chris Forrester Jeffery Whitman   David Feldschau Nabil Basma
8:34am Ryan Perkins Jeremy Holland 8:34am David Jones Steve Martin
  Mike Sanchez Dwayne Ratcliff   Dennis Hunt Peanut Staudenmier
8:42am Grayson West Bob West 8:42am    
  Richard Barnhart Chris Barnhart      
8:50am Darien Duhon Mark Gonzales 8:50am    
  Steven Pellerin Jim Barnhart      
8:58am Jerred Wallace Clint Hatton 8:58am    
  Butch Cross Chad Cross      
Saturday, July ,  2015
12:30pm Charley Buteaud Leon McNeel 12:30pm David Nutt Tommy McNamara
  Michael Massey Chris Rowe   Grady Hatton Clifton Allensworth
12:38pm Jimmy Kochwelp Cody Ray 12:38pm Cullen Williams Jess Conner
  Mike Johnson Brian Johnson   Jim Hubel Rodney Bombek
12:46pm Cody Atkins Taylor Blackwell 12:46pm Randy Stanley Tristan Stanley
  Richard Swope Ed Ludwig   Steve Holloway Ross Toler
12:54pm Cade Deaver Clint Williams 12:54pm Robbie Biddy Shannon Biddy
  Jeff Robertson Mark Huntley   Matt Wolfe Lance Foster
1:02pm Arthur Guy Ray Glover 1:02pm Andrew Danos Colby Meza
  Kyle Doraciak Joseph Conner   Patrick Allen Matthew Hatch
1:10pm Sam Linsley Shannon A. Wilson 1:10pm Mark Kirby Corey Smith
  Derrick Nail John Randall   Todd Paine Red Allen
1:18pm Raymond Nowak Terry Joe Ramsey 1:18pm Rob Akin Chad Tarhini
  Roger Anderson Don Richardson   Andrew Flores Jay Reese
1:26pm J.T. Greak Ronnie Keel 1:26pm Steve Mackey Mitch Mackey
  Terry Denmon Hubert Davis   Drew Charlton Roy Gatlin
1:34pm Robert Rodriguez Allen Moore 1:34pm Benjamin Wolfe Jacob Monceaux
  Joe Wofford Marty Nash   Joey Cessac Karl Huch
1:42pm Jeff Wakefield Paul Wolfe 1:42pm Jeff Wise Buddy Kervin
  Lane Watkins Jason Watkins   Bob Blackburn Jack Wiggins
1:50pm     1:50pm Robert Templin Ben Burla
        Wesley Thompson Eric Clawson
1:58pm     1:58pm Keith Owens Mike Paramore
        Rick Randel George Jones
Beaumont Golf - Wildwood Golf Course

$22  Wed-Fri $26  
Wknd $30
And Twilight EVERY day at 2pm $22

Wildwood Golf Course, just 30 miles north of Beaumont, is an amazing 18-hole golf facility. This beautiful Beaumont area golf course is in the heart of the Big Thicket National Forest Preserve and contains a variety of unique plants, tall trees, and abundant wildlife.Amidst this beautifully scenery are ten converging ecosystems, natural wildlife and friendly people.

The staff at Wildwood Golf Course are highly trained and eager to make your time at Wildwood a success. From the moment you arrive to the minute you leave, our goal is to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable. Come check out Wildwood Golf Course, just north of Beaumont, Texas today!

Wildwood Golf Course offers an assortment of golf facilities. We feature a quality Pro Shop with an assortment of the latest golf gear. We even have a nearby restaurant for you golfers who want to grab a bite before or after your exciting round of Beaumont golf. For the golfer who has to work late, we are equipped with a driving range where you can sharpen your skills or take a lesson from our golf professional. Wildwood Golf Course has an eager staff that is committed to providing you with customer service that will make your golf visit memorable.

We offer several golf lesson and membership packages to provide you the best value. We encourage you to request a tour of our facility, and welcome any questions you may have. Contact our Pro Shop for all the details and benefits to our golf lessons and memberships at 409.834.2940


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